Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the price include my cost to get out to IT? 

No, You will be responsible for making and paying for your own travel arrangements to get to Costa Mesa. You can raise extra support to cover your airfare or gas money.

2. What does the average day look like? 

Your average week will consist of 3 aspects: education, exposure and equipping. Many mornings and afternoons will be focused on education and exposure. Education will happen through a course developed by the IT Project staff. Exposure will happen through visit the places of worship of other world religions. Much of our equipping will happen during evenings, weekends and in between times. There will also be plenty of time for fun with other participants of the IT Project! We will go to beaches, shopping centers, fun restaurants, the city and more!

3. When do we visit the temples? 

Throughout the summer you will be trained in the beliefs of the major world religions from the Christian perspective by a missionary or expert in each field. You then will visit the temples and interact with followers of each of these faiths in a learning, non-confrontational environment.

4. Will I be doing evangelism while I am out there? 

Yes, we will teach you new outreach tools and pair you up with other students to go out and share the hope that we have in Jesus! Times of evangelism will be spent in neighborhoods, beaches, college campuses or shopping malls. The temples are decidedly not the place for sharing the gospel but are for your education and understanding of their perspective so that later you can reach out to internationals on your campus and share with adherents to other religions you may meet in the future.

5. What do Sundays look like? 

We will visit a different church every Sunday for your exposure. This also makes it possible for you to connect anyone you share the gospel with to an appropriate church.

6. Where will we live? 

You will stay in dorms on the campus of Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA.  You will share a quad with other IT Project participants. The quad includes a shared living space.  Most meals will be together as a project but there are options nearby like Starbucks and fast food spots.   

7. What is this class I will be taking? 

The course that you will be attending throughout the summer is an educational course put together by the staff of the IT Project. This course will help college students understand the biblical basis for missions, the state of missions throughout history and today, and what it looks like to engage a lost world with the gospel. On top of those topics you will also be educated in evangelism, discipleship, healthy local church ministry, and mobilization.

8. What does the small group look like? 

During the summer you will live with one or two roommates and be in a small Discipleship group of 4-5 other people. You will have a group leader that will be there to encourage you, and to disciple you throughout the summer, through accountability, scripture memory and Bible study together as a group.

9. How many students will be at IT? 

There will be approximately 20-30 other students from around the US that attend as well as 8-10 Traveling Team Staff. You will build lifelong friendships and be encouraged by those who share the same heart for God and for missions as you. You will be under the authority of staff and leaders that are committed to serving you and helping you grow spiritually and socially.

10. How do I afford the cost of the project? 

We encourage you to raise support for the project. The cost can be raised by sending a letter explaining the IT project to potential supporters (all friends and family), then letting them know where to send a check if they choose to support you. We will provide you with training materials for support raising and examples of letters once you have been accepted. Students have always been very successful in raising the needed finances for the project.  After you are accepted you will be given a password to log in and check your support online here.  

11. What will I have access to in the dorms? 

There is a laundry room and internet available in the living areas. Specific packing details are will be given to you once you are guaranteed to the project.

12. Where do we eat? 

As a project, we will provide two thirds of your meals together on campus.  Any additional meals will be on your own at restaurants as we are out. You will be responsible to bring addition money for meals out.

13. Will I have any free time?  Can I visit friends/family? 

There is limited complete free time.  If you have friends or relatives who would like to visit, please check with the project director first, and it may be possible for them to come join us at times but there will probably not be time for you to go visit others.  You will have scheduled free time with the group to see sights in the city, beaches and surrounding areas!




55 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626